Author Topic: DRZ125 Gas flows out bottom of carb, engine revs at low RPMs  (Read 1042 times)


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DRZ125 Gas flows out bottom of carb, engine revs at low RPMs
« on: January 17, 2016, 01:21:35 PM »
Hi everyone. I have a 2005 DRZ125. It used to run like a champ, but about a year ago my wife dropped it in the mountains and now I cannot get it to run right for anything. Here are the symptoms. It will start and run just fine, until you come to a stop. When you slow down almost to the stop, it starts to rev higher (kind of like the choke is on,) and will stay this way. After you stop, about 3-5 seconds later, fuel will flow out of the overflow of the carb (the bottom hose.) The only way to get it to rev down is to loosen the idle screw on the carb. But the throttle valve moves freely and returns back to starting position, because it revs fine throughout the ride. I have three carbs I work with on this bike. THEY ALL DO THE SAME THING! I have drained the fuel tank and cleaned. Replaced the fuel petcock valve and the fuel line. I adjusted all the carbs to specs (one did it that I bought brand new.) I am out of ideas. It seems like it is getting gas from somewhere else, and you would thing the float isnt working or there is something in the float needle, but all three carbs have the same symptoms. I have ran fuel through the carbs before hooking them up, and they hold fuel. It will not leak fuel out the bottom until you ride it for a little bit. Please help. I am a new member and very excited to hear some of your expertise opinions and advise. Thank you.