Author Topic: Cams in backwards from suzuki factory possible?  (Read 700 times)


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Cams in backwards from suzuki factory possible?
« on: June 27, 2016, 04:09:08 PM »
Dear fellow DRZ400 riders can someone with a lot of mechanical knowledge please help me out. I'll explain in detail and hopefully someone may have an answer to this strange finding. A friend bought a brand new 2003 Suzuki DRZ400S leftover in 2004 off the showroom floor. The bike was pampered with frequent oil changes between 500 and 1000 mile intervals. My friend sold me the bike in 2011 with around 2,800 miles. Hardly broken in. I put another 2,000 miles om it myself riding it only once in awhile. The bike ran perfect. I, like my friend stored it my garage. Last year, 2015 I sold this bike to my brother. He has a farm. He stored the bike in a barn with a concrete floor. Although the barn was covered with a roof, it didn't have a door so whatever the weather outside was the same inside the barn. ( note: we live in Northern New Jersey where the winters are long and very cold. ) My brother stored it with the petcock in the "prime" position not knowing the gas flow was always on. The bike sat from September til April. He said he started in about once a  month or 6 weeks but only let it run for 5 minutes. He finally rode it in April 2016 for the first time. When it started it wasn't running right and was spurting. He thought it needed to be warmed up. He rode it a mile and it stalled out and couldn't get it running again. He thought it was flooded. ( I told him about the petcock should be in the side position and this is when he learned it was wrong ). It never restarted. He towed it home and brought it to a Suzuki dealer thinking the carb was possibly dirty from sitting. A few days later the Suzuki dealer called and said the rings were seized on the piston possibly caused from sitting for so long and the fact the bike was a 2003 and only had 5,000 miles on it. After they started tearing it down they told us that the bike must have been taken apart before ( which it never was ). They said when they took the top valve cover off they noticed that the cams were in BACKWARDS. They said they couldn't figure out how the bike even ran like that? I confirmed with my friend that the motor was NEVER taken apart. So how can this be? My question Is it possible for these cams to be put in this motor backwards and if so how would it run? If at all? And if they so could the factory have made such a mistake? And for the bike to have ran so well while they were in backwards? The dealer said they knew right away they were backwards because the auto decompression gear was on the wrong side meaning it wasn't even able to work. We, as you can expect, are very puzzled. No one we spoke to can explain or even know if this is possible. Can someone who knows about these motors answer this strange question? Sorry this was so long in length .
Respectfully, Eddie Kinney, New Jersey