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Technical Help / My 2017 DRZ has more vibration than when new
« on: May 07, 2018, 07:54:14 AM »
I bought a new 2017 in November, '17,  broke it in carefully.
At just before 600 miles or so, when I brought it on for its service,
it had noticeable more vibration.
I had an aftermarket pipe installed, with a jet kit.
Riding it after the service,  the vibration had lessened greatly.

Now,  after about another 500 miles, it's vibrating more than ever, particularly
cruising at just over 60.
I should say that I owned a DRZ400 SM in about 2008,  and never had this issue,
but did not have an aftermarket pipe and jet kit.

Should I be concerned,  or is this just the way the engine breaks in.
As well,  can anyone recommend what to do to lessen the vibrating handlebar
vibration?  (bar snake, B.B.'s...I have bar ends)....


Arlington,  Ma.

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