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DRZ 400 General / Replacing The Awful Stock Seat
« on: August 16, 2018, 03:24:42 AM »
Two years ago a member posted this message:
"I'm looking for a comfortable replacement seat to take the place of my stock DRZ400SM seat.
I need something I can put some miles on without killing my butt.
So far I have found 5 available choices and would like to know if anyone would like to add their opinion in regard to the following choices;
1. Seat Concept (tall version) seat
2. Sargent World Sport Adventure seat
3. Saddlemen Adventure Track seat
4. Corbin Dual Sport seat
5. SDG USA Complete seat (tall)
I hope one of these seats is comfortable!"

No one replied even though this seems like the first question all new DRZ owners would be asking and finding the answer to! What gives?  Haven't any members already resolved this problem?  I ask because I just bought a very low mileage 2016 DR-Z400SM, and that stock seat was killing me by the time I was home last night.  HELP?!?

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