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General Discussion / My introduction
« on: January 26, 2013, 09:30:50 AM »
Hello all. My name is Jim Abbott. I will be using my name because I am not going to hide behind a handle anymore. I have been very active on other motorcycle sites such as My2Wheels and DRZForums under the handle of BurnCycle. I have many posts and threads on both. I own a year 2000 DR-Z400 S. I have done lots of mods and changes with more to come. I will be starting a thread on this site documenting my build for all to view and get info about and interact with. I have owned my bike for 7 years now and I am very familular with it. Future plans include a MT 434 BB Kit, FCRMX39, cams and a set of ACT Wide Ratio Gears. The engine work will be done by an engine builder in Indiana. His name is Eddie O'Dell and is really quite the expert on the DR-Z. A trained mechanic who has worked for all the main bike mfgs, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Honda in their dealerships. He is a true motorcycle guru. I look forward to documenting his work for you all here. I will also try to transfer my build log from the other site here to show what I have done so far. Looking forward to getting aquainted here. Peace to you and yours! :)

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