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Technical Help / Stock fuel valve petcock won't fit
« on: August 20, 2021, 06:42:14 AM »
Hello, first time posting, my apologies for jumping in without an introduction, but I have a very frustrating issue which has led me to join this forum and post for seeking an answer. My own searches have been to no avail.

I have a 2003 DRZ400S, and none pf the fuel petcocks will fit the stock tank. I dont understand. I have both the stock prime style petcock, and one from a desert tank, which looks like a raptor petcock to me. Both will hit the tank trying to reach reserve. the tank is is in the way of the knob being fully turned.

I even tried flipping it around so the knob is on the inside, but then it hits the cylinder. This is a stock oem tank, and a stock oem petcock. Why does it not clear the tank? I am very confused when stock parts wont fit eachother.  Pease help, thanks in advance, cheers.-Eddo

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