Author Topic: Knocking after new oil need help  (Read 1583 times)


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Knocking after new oil need help
« on: October 17, 2016, 04:04:01 AM »
Hello every one iv got a Drz sm that I rebuilt a 6 months back after starting a few years ago lol well I started riding it and couldn't stop I never done anything to it for way to long I got up to 3000 miles in no time I then forced my self to change the oil same oil I just run 3000 miles with no problem well I was sure I done everything correct but no new filter just oil  I wasn't in the best mood that day after some little incident well I got 2miles befor I heard something well by the time I finished my journey of no more then 7 miles when I knew something is Defo up with it well this was a few months ago and iv just left the bike to today I want to find out what's up if anyone can really help me out there is a slight sound knocking sound hard to explain but first I thougt it was a tapping so iv checked all vale clearance that's good iv had a stethoscope on it like I'm a doctor still not sure myself but it's passing through both sides of the engine more the cam chain side sure it's not bearings as I replaced them all I'm hoping it's not the crank as it was a second hand part I got cheap it lasted 3000 so sure that was fine just lost as it only happens after I done a oil change what did I do wrong ??? Sorry there's so much here to read well for me there is so thanks for takin the time to help