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Tyre problem front
« on: April 13, 2017, 01:00:13 PM »
Hi all, new here to the site, hope I,m in the right place. Having a problem with fitting a 90 90 21 Avon distanzia tyre to front of drz400s.
 There was a knobbly off road tyre fitted with air pressure in it so no problem there but when I tried to fit the distanzia and inflated it, it went down with a puncture. Took the wheel and tyre to a well established motorcycle shop jt Morgan in Swansea and they went through three tubes trying to fit it, but had no problem putting distanzia on the rear. Both tyres are tubeless figment but know it is OK to fit with tubes.
 Anyone got any idea why the front tyre always punctures the tube,apart from the obvious, tube size is correct, no sharp objects in tyre, no damage to rim etc. Really baffled by this, at moment got rear tyre and wheel but no front..  :'(