Author Topic: 03 DRZ E Mods to Street  (Read 2740 times)


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03 DRZ E Mods to Street
« on: August 17, 2018, 06:49:55 PM »
For those interested, I wanted to post the parts that worked for me when I converted my 03 E to street:


I decided to go with an E because for this year range, the Es have a more aggressive cam, better suspension, bigger head (more compression/hp), carb has better response, and they're lighter and more nimble than the S. I intend to ride street and trail so the SM was not in the running.

 >:( The image tag icon and attach pics functions are not working. I guess this pics/video section isn't what it's cracked up to be!

What I did:

1. Lighting kit:

When I bought the bike, the front light was already there so I just needed the left/right indicators and tail light. I got the Tusk lighting kit off Amazon: The rear black plastic mounting fender that came with it looked too clunky and in no way fit so I modified the existing short one I had and got the lights to fit. Don't know if you can see in the pics but I created a black thin plastic shroud to go around the rear of the tail light so it could extend out far enough from the fender for the license plate light to shine correctly. The instructions that came with the kit did nothing for me so I searched YouTube and found a video that made the whole process of wiring very easy:

2. Seat: I bought the gel lowering seat from Pretty comfortable seat compared to the stock. $149.

3. Mirrors:

Got them on of Amazon: . They can be mounted on the on the handlebars or ends. Nicely made. I mounted them on the ends because the one mirror that came with the Tusk was too short to see behind me. These are excellent convex mirrors that see a lot. $37.

4. Rack:

Got this on Amazon: I like this because, unlinke most of the others, the shape of this one followed the curves of the back fender and you can buy several accessories made for the rack including spare gas tank, backrest, different cases, etc. Was a no-brainer to install. Good instructions. $99.

5. Speedo computer: I went cheap and got the Trail Tech Endurance II Computer Kit at [url]]] [url][/url].

6. Exhaust:

The exhaust that was on the bike when I got it was dented up. I found a brand new unused one that came off a 2018 SM on ebay for too cheap not to get. Personally, I donít think I need a Yoshimura, etcÖ the bike has plenty of punch for me. The new pipe fit fine except for the middle mounting bracket, which was about an inch off from the screw tab on the bike frame. I could have left it as because the pipe seemed tight but decided to fabricate a bracket out of flat aluminum to make the connection. The trick was to get the right screws to make it work.

7. Tires:
I got the dual sport Shinko 244s. The price is good and I heard this model is the best they make - quality has gotten a lot better too. Front: 3.00-21, rear: 4.60-18. I also got new tubes.

8. Graphics: Factory Effex EVO 14 Shroud Graphic Kit. Got from MotoSport. Was a pain to install.

9. Fuel Cock: It was leaking and I didnít want to pay $92 for a new OEM. Additionally, these fuel cocks have a float thatís not necessary so I bought the OEM fuel cock for a Yamaha Raptor 650. Exact fit and works great. Was only $30. NOTE: DO NOT get a cheap ones off eBay. They are trash (experience).

10. Sprockets and chain.

The 14/47 thatís native to Es caused what to me seemed as too high rpms at higher speeds. I decided to go with 15/41 by Sunstar. Got on Amazon: and [url]]] [url][/url]. These are well made. I think this configuration is the same as the SMs. Be sure to also replace the bolts for the rear sprocket if you change out the sprocket. This made an amazing difference. For the chain, I figured I would need a 112 link chain so bought the x-ring RK MAX-X RX-Ring Sealed Chain from eBay This seems to be very well made although I found the flat spring lock key for the master link was weak so used the one from my old chain. It also came with a rivet master link, which I might use instead.

11. Lock/alarm:

The Es donít come with a steering lock so I did some research and decided this would work the best for me. Got it on Amazon: Itís very easy to use and has a massive alarm if someone moves the bike or even shakes it. The first alarm is 3 beeps. The second alarm is ear-piercing massive noise you do not want to hear.

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Re: 03 DRZ E Mods to Street
« Reply #1 on: January 24, 2019, 09:03:29 PM »
We are very happy to have this good information post for you to come to know.