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DRZ Delight
« on: April 05, 2015, 05:07:34 AM »
About my motorcycle…the jury is in…the Suzuki DR-Z 400S is the funnest bike I have ever ridden, bar none! It has snappy power at your disposal, and when  it gets on the dirt she really shines. I took her out yesterday to get the feel on the dirt, I found a 10 acre construction site that was perfect for the job.
Some of the site was bedecked with 45-60 degree slopes some reaching 5-6 stories high…the DRZ ate em up and spit em out. The DRZ shined! it took everything I threw at it and then some. I was smoking around the graveled corners at 30-45mph with one foot lightly on the ground as the back of the bike was throwing rooster tails of rock and dirt high in the air. The Bridgestone knobby chewed and pushed us all the way around the track ( I call it a track, I think it eventually will be the road that will circle and wind its way around the entire housing edition or mall or whatever will be building there, but for now…it’s a track! And its about 1.5 miles of winding twisting dirt road!)  I was so so so fun I gotta say!
I was grabbing gears and speed shifting like a rocket sled on wheels, fish tailing and wheely poppin my way back to the black top. Once there I let er go…and within seconds I was 60mph in a 35 zone bro…I then backed off and let er breath easy for a couple miles until I saw a trail that gave me access to the green river. My DRZ wanted to show me more of what it could do, so without me doing much of anything before I knew it I was negotiating lefts and rights and popped out on the trail at the water edge… and the ride was fantastic as I headed north along the river all by myself for about two miles…pure delight.
Later while at home, I decided I needed to go to the bank and since I was out and about I’d drop by hardware store at the same time. I fired er up and was gone like a shot from a gun. Zip zip, I was at the bank, parked a few feet away from the cash machine and business there was done. I noticed a big line of cars waiting to work their way around the parking lot…but a six inch curb to hop and I was on the road and gone, the DRZ hardly noticed a bump as the 11.5 inch clearance underneath affords simple curb hopping which saves all kinds of time and traffic gridlock. Then zip zip I was up the hill and at the hardware store, never going over 50 mph but was parked inside and out by the time I would have finally cleared the parking lot at the cash machine…Oh the JOY!


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Re: DRZ Delight
« Reply #1 on: July 27, 2015, 08:45:27 PM »
Awesome man! Glad you are enjoying it. I love a bike that goes anywhere.